The office Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates is based in Volos, from the year 1989

Today the office works with that name, has partners in all items related mainly to the sciences referred further and there is a complete team of collaborators and scientists.

The work of the office covers all objects related Science of Surveying, Transportation & Hydraulic works and Photogrammetry. The range of activity extends throughout the Greek territory and appeals to government bodies and local authorities, banks, hotels and private entities all entities and individuals in general.

The new technologies that exist and grow having regard to the science of Surveying Engineering (drone polycopter exom & 3d scanning), which in a short time will constitute part of Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates office equipment enabling conduct studies and applications in work areas that are within or outside the Greek borders and unique specialty exclusive to the field of surveying engineering.


The technical design office founded in 1989 and has as its object the provision of services for studies and projects Technical applications in the broader public sector and the private sector.


The design capacity of the office and the adequacy full partner scientists network covers the whole range of surveying applications. Cooperation with external partners of various disciplines designed in studies by multidisciplinary teams base enriching office potential for the treatment of issues where expertise and experience is essential. On this basis it has created the Network Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates.


The study experience in all objects (topographic surveys, transport and traffic studies, studies of hydraulic works and drainage works, studies and applications of photovoltaic installations, land registry) has been demonstrated by the 30-year continuous service and the development of new technologies and services such as aerial photography and production orthophotomap or fotomosaikou. Production orthophotomap or fotomosaikou can be the basic background (with measuring elements, such as coordinates EGSA system 87 elevations) studies that can grow and develop so as to be complementary or main element as the initial background. It is also possible to create a video or photo in businesses or hotels within the companies advertising.

The development of technology of drones and orthophoto production enables the Company Thanasis E. Mitsikostas and Associates to conduct studies and final designs of public and private projects (as built). With this work it is possible to monitor public works, the quality of elaborated studies and projects, informing the employer about the progress and quality of work as well as ongoing operations certification (consulting).


The quality of both studies and of these applications is the primary objective of the office. Ensuring requires maximum cooperation of all participants.

Research Office

The Mitsikostas & Partners office is based in Volos Street P. Feraiou 93 from 1989

Studies private projects

The office Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates study primarily deals with private projects studies in scientific fields of topography, traffic and plumbing works and photogrammetry

Studies of Public Works

The office Mitsikostas & Associates has experience in preparation Public works studies, such as land registration, expert through Courts and TEE and making seashore line studies


The office Mitsikostas & Partners undertakes aerial photography land through aerial and orthofotomosaikou production using aircraft or drone (ebee)

Technical equipment

The office Mitsikostas & Associates has full equipment system, which includes all modern production systems diagrams for studies, computers and programs to total station, gps and drone (ebee) for production aerial.


The office Mitsikostas & Associates has 30 years of experience in drafting private and public interest and cadastral studies and implementing private and public works projects.

Airphotos - DRONES

The development of drones worldwide has the biggest and best possible applications in surveying in traffic studies, hydraulic studies and all photogrammetric solutions that can produce orthophoto maps and orthomosaika as backgrounds of all these studies. Specifically production orthophotomap scale 2-3 cm / pixel can produce background for traffic studies, hydraulic, cadastral and topographic, where the effects are editable directly and almost similar quality to terrestrial surveying.

Our physical presence in the last two world fairs (INTERGEO) in Germany in Stuttgart Cities (2015) and Hamburg (2016) and this year's presence in Berlin (2017), as well as contact with all the companies that have developed software respectively or hardware manufacturers and surveying instruments and drones have created a high level of work and cooperation in surveying and photogrammetric studies odds with drones. At that time the office Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates is unique in the whole region of Thessaly in producing studies and orthophotos with drone.

The company now owns a drone plane (ebee) and a polykoptero phantom 4. The treatment of aerial and production of orthophotos made with pix4d software (Swiss Company based in Lausanne and the University EPFL. The preparation of the flight plan for ebee plane made with emotion 2 software and production flight plan for the phantom 4 about the pix4dcapture software.

The drone flights are made with all international flight data (already Thanasis Mitsikostas a BA in General Aviation aircraft ppl) and the next stage is our certification as pilots without pilot (UAVs) through the certification process by the Civil Aviation Authority . This certification will both be in accordance with the existing legal regime Stis country on the use of volatile instruments without a pilot, and the other will be the official document of the company to work in other European countries, where such certification is necessary



The main occupation of the office are surveying. Thanasis E. Mitsikostas acquired the diploma of Surveying Engineering 1986 and the beginning of the office work was done in 1989.

In the 30 years of continuous engagement, especially with the object of the topography, a large portion occupy specific forming (monuments, special buildings, churches etc.) as well as public and private studies applications for the construction of the projects.

The demarcations (Torrent and AEGIALI) occupy a large part of the office work and the experience of the office in the object is reflected from the plurality of respective work

Dealing office and the elaboration of the study on land registration Skiathos and Alonissos under the National Cadastre and the work of spatial and geometric changes cadastral files in the above areas and in other areas of the country gives the experience acquired, resulting from number of operations.


Technical studies

Technical studies

The technical office Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates completes 28 years from the date of acquisition of a diploma and 25 years of continuous operation and production engineering.

transport studies

transport studies

The office Mitsikostas & Associates has 20 years of experience in transport and traffic studies mainly in collaboration with the Civil Engineer and Professor, University of Thessaly Mr. Nicholas Eliou.

Technical equipment

Technical equipment

The equipment of Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates is complete and always having to start the renewal and monitoring of new technologies is further illustrated


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