The office Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates is based in Volos, from the year 1989

Today the office works with that name, has partners in all items related mainly to the sciences referred further and there is a complete team of collaborators and scientists.

The work of the office covers all objects related Science of Surveying, Transportation & Hydraulic works and Photogrammetry. The range of activity extends throughout the Greek territory and appeals to government bodies and local authorities, banks, hotels and private entities all entities and individuals in general.

The new technologies that exist and grow having regard to the science of Surveying Engineering (drone polycopter exom & 3d scanning), which in a short time will constitute part of Thanasis E. Mitsikostas & Associates office equipment enabling conduct studies and applications in work areas that are within or outside the Greek borders and unique specialty exclusive to the field of surveying engineering.

When referring to surveying specific nature, the gravity is the special impressions, which grow through new technologies, which are described in the paragraph above. New technologies can be used in surveying ships, special buildings, yards, dams, refineries, quarries and general facilities and areas without easy access and recording with conventional instruments.

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